14 August 2023

Here are the pictures from the 14 Aug 2023 Knights of Columbus Golf tournament at Wolf Creek. They're in 3 sections:

1. Getting Ready & Miscellaneous, (pictures ready later this week, by Saturday Sept. 2)
2. The Game, By Team Number, (ready below!)
3. Lunch. (pictures ready later this week, by Saturday Sept. 2)

Just click on the thumbnail you like for a full-sized file. They are free for you to download and print for your personal use and for the Salt Lake Diocese and Knights of Columbus to use for promotional purposes.

I think I got everyone except one or two who rushed off to the next hole before I could get their pictures. The bright sunny day also made it a bit tough to get the exposures right, but I think I managed to get some reasonable balance for the pictures.

Enjoy the pictures below, and may God bless all of you!

Tom Mathewson
Mathewson Images

Getting Ready & Miscellaneous:

The Game:

Team 1a:

Team 1b:

Team 2a:

Team 2b:

Team 3a:

Team 3b:

Team 4a:

Team 4b:

Team 5a:

Team 5b:

Team 6a:

Team 6b:

Team 7a:

Team 7b:

Team 8a:

Team 8b:

Team 9a:

Team 9b:

Team 10a:

Team 10b:

Team 11a:

Team 11b:

Team 12a:

Team 12b:

Team 13a:

Team 13b:

Team 14a:

Team 14b:

Team 15a:

Team 15b:

Team 16a:

Team 16b:

Team 17a:

Team 17b:

Team 18a:

Team 18b: