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20070901_0039             Flaming Gorge, Utah

20070902_0626             Flaming Gorge, Utah

20071022_0582             Antelope Island, Utah

20080520_0926             Oxbow Bend, Teton

20080520_0882             Oxbow Bend, Teton

20080520_1306             Jenny Lake, Teton

20080520_1322             Jenny Lake, Teton

20080521_1378             Jenny Lake, Teton

20080521_1656             Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone

Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone

20080522_2024             Oxbow Bend, Teton

20080924_0721             Farmington Bay, Utah

20090104_0032             Grand Canyon, South Rim

20090104_0084             Grand Canyon, South Rim

20090104_0085             Grand Canyon, South Rim

20090104_0117             Grand Canyon, South Rim

20090104_0162             Grand Canyon, South Rim

20090104_0214             Grand Canyon, South Rim

20090104_0221             Grand Canyon, South Rim

20090105_0002             Grand Canyon, South Rim

20090105_0035             Grand Canyon, South Rim

20090105_0090             Grand Canyon, South Rim

20090107_0161             Grand Canyon, South Rim

20090108_0392             Grand Canyon, South Rim

20090108_0066             Grand Canyon, South Rim

20090109_0032             Grand Canyon, South Rim

20090110_0111             Bryce Canyon, Utah

20090110_0127             Bryce Canyon, Utah

20091021_0074             Bryce Canyon, Utah

20091021_0135             Bryce Canyon, Utah

20101118_0092             Antelope Island, Utah

20101118_0128             Antelope Island, Utah

20111003_296             Oxbow Bend, Tetons

20111003_365             The Tetons

20111005_166             Oxbow Bend, Tetons

20111222_564             Antelope Island Causeway, Utah

20120902_1928             Above Antelope Island, Utah

20120114_0295       Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone

20120919_0097             Swiftcurrent Lake, Glacier Nat'l Park

20120921_069             Swiftcurrent Lake, Glacier Nat'l Park

20130218_076             Farmington Creek, Utah

20130125_104             Layton, Utah

20130207_178             Davis County, Utah

20130125_104             Layton, Utah

20130528_0041             The Tetons

20130528_0128             The Tetons

20130531_0269             The Tetons

20130528_0343             Oxbow Bend, Teton

20130729_015             Bear River Bird Refuge Sunrise

20130902_055             St. Mary's Lake, Glacier Nat'l Park

20130905_1068             Logan Pass, Glacier Nat'l Park

Zion Nat'l Park, Utah