These are the latest pictures and cards, some already stocked for sale at stores and art shows.
They're also available for special order; just let me know which one you'd like and I'll get it ready for you.

Updates as of 28 Jul 2023

pan20230602_364       30 X 15 inches
Cranes, Farmington Bay

20230602_517      30 x 15
Cranes, Farmington Bay

20230602_600      30 x 10
Cranes, Farmington Bay

pan20230602_552       30 X 15 inches
Cranes, Farmington Bay

Updates as of 18 Feb 2022

20210225_0028       11x14
Bald Eagle, Farmington Bay

pan20090126_0238      30x15
Rough-Legged Hawk, Antelope Island

pan20110208_0346      30x15
Great Blue Heron in Sunset, Farmington Bay

pan20200220_315      30x15
Tundra Swans, Farmington Bay

pan20200514_039      30x15
Sandhill Cranes, Bear River Refuge

pan20201020_035      30x15
"Scattered Gold," Waterfall, Big Cottonwood Canyon

pan20201112_070      30x15
Great Blue Heron at Sunrise, Farmington Bay

pan20210107_1007      30x15
"Launch," Juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk, Farmington Bay

pan20210921_113      30x10
"Misty Reeds," Heron, Farmingtion Bay

pan20211006_262      30x15
"Colorful Aspen Tapestry," Big Cottonwood Canyon

pan20211006_534      30x15
"A Path in a Dream," Autumn Aspen Woods, Guardsmans Pass

Updates as of 28 Jan 2022

pan20210916_578       30 X 15 inches
Osprey, Layton

20210913_228      11 x 14
Osprey, Layton

20210930_152      11 x 14
Oak Color in Fall, Big Cottonwood Canyon

pan20210322_046      30 x 15
Crane, Farmington Bay

pan20210322_208      30 x 10
Crane, Farmington Bay

pan20210319_031       30 X 15 inches
Cranes, Farmington Bay

pan20210322_281       30 X 15 inches
Cranes, Farmington Bay

pan20210420_655       30 x 15 inches
Great Egret, Farmington Bay

pan20210420_556      30 x 10
Great Egret, Farmington Bay

pan20210427_0146      30 x 15
Great Egret, Farmington Bay

pan20210427_0207      30 x 20
Great Egret, Farmington Bay

pan20210520_0069      30 x 15
Great Egret, Farmington Bay

pan20210412_053      30 x 10
Swallow, Farmington Bay

20210412_471      11 x 14
Swallows, Farmington Bay

20210323_260      11 x 14
Belted Kingfisher, Farmington Bay