My specialty is mainly outdoor photography. Landscapes, wildlife and outdoor activities are the main subjects, mostly in the Great Salt Lake area of Utah.

I also photograph other scenic locations in the western United States, especially the national parks and the local region in northern Utah.


As a youth I was always interested in photography. Whether capturing the moment, trying to balance the picture in a pleasing way, experimenting with the camera or just pestering my family, photography always kept my interest.
When I joined the Air Force I was selected to work on aerial cameras. But I couldn't just play with government cameras, though. Soon, my personal cameras let me record my travels and get familiar with equipment that you and I could use every day.

After retiring from the Air Force I still dabbled in photography, and soon made the change to digital cameras.

Then a friend convinced me to sell my pictures at her coffee shop, and when they started selling I decided share my images with others.

Photography is now my calling.

Our travels to local national parks give me a chance to find locations, scenes and fleeting images to photograph. Day trips in northern Utah and even an occasional evening in our back yard reveal images that beg to be captured and printed.