Outdoor and
Wildlife Photography

Tom Mathewson

I produce photographs
of wildlife and distinctive scenery
mainly in Utah as well as
national parks throughout the west.

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MAY 18 - 21, 2023


Cancelled by the 2020 pandemic. Limited to just some events in 2021. But this year the Great Salt Lake Bird Festival is back at full speed for 2022! We'll have not just the field trips but also the classroom-style seminars, including my class on photography.

On Thursday morning I'll guide a road tour through a section of Farmington Bay for photographers. We'll have hands-on sessions at each stop of the tour covering equipment tips, camera settings and shooting techniques. We'll work on hand-held techniques and shooting from a car as well as using a tripod.

On Saturday morning, 8 a.m., I'll hold a 1 hour seminar on bird photography, covering photography fundamentals before jumping into using your artistic vision to capture great bird photos.

Details are still being worked, so keep checking their website at greatsaltlakebirdfest.com.

(Shhh! Secret entrance for Golfing Tournaments!)

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